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I've always loved creating. I really enjoyed drawing as a child and my beloved grandfather, Far, always told me I should become an animator for Disney :) He used to sit with me as a child and watch me draw Disney characters, Mickey Mouse in particular, and encouraged my love of drawing. As an adult, I developed a love of painting with watercolours. I'm not sure how I developed the technique I use today, it has sort of evolved over time.

I dabbled with knitting at one point. My Mum's aunty, Phyllis, showed me how to knit on a visit to my hometown when I was a child. I couldn't get the hang of it but tried my best, my stitches so tight on the needles I could hardly move them. My Mum showed me again when I was in primary school but frustration got the better of me, working that yarn so tight. I have always loved the sound of knitting needles clacking together as the magic happens and some wonderful creation appears over time. Along with knitting, I tried my hand at sewing, still do on occasion. My Nana had a fabulous vintage knee operated Singer sewing machine and a cabinet full of delights, buttons galore. She showed me how to make little sachets to put lavender in to pop in the cupboard and drawers. I couldn't tell you how many of those I made with material from her stash. I know she's the reason I can hem things today on my own sewing machine. I am quite blessed a treasured Singer sewing machine that belonged to my husbands grandmother is in my possession today. It is safely tucked away in its lockable wooden case.

In late 1998, I had the pleasure of sitting with with my now husband's grandmother, Nanna, as she worked on a crochet project. I asked if she could show me how to make a granny square. Nanna set me up with some yarn and a crochet hook and I set about making a granny square......a few times over......and then over again. If I'm going to do something, I give it my best shot. Being a perfectionist, I may have pulled it apart a few times to start over again. That granny square then turned into a blanket......a very large single granny square blanket that I gave to my husband, and that we still have to this day, along with two granny square blankets that Nanna made many, many years ago that we treasure dearly. I know my love for crochet started from watching Nanna all those years ago.

I put my crochet hook, and pencils, down for many years and went about life, study and work. No drawing, no painting, no crochet...quite sad really. In 2016, I dug my crochet hook out, one of Nanna's to be precise, as I decided I would make a scarf for myself, and then one for my husband. Then a blanket for my niece, a few beanies, and then some large coloured granny squares that I turned into blankets for my husband and I. That's when I realised just how much time and care went into making crochet items, crochet blankets. Changing colours, sewing in yarn tails (thank goodness I'm better at that today), making sure the squares are square, borders, length, size, gauge, stitch type. The time spent making one you'd never get back in $$.

I was still crocheting in 2017 and contemplated the idea of opening a small crochet business. What to call it? Wyld Yarn? Wyld Crochet? Nope, nope, nope. The name, well it had to be Wyld Styles. With the surname Wyld, and a crochet hook to channel my creativity through the use of yarn, Wyld Styles was born in June 2017.

I love crocheting. It really is a creative release. To see the happy faces of the many people who have purchased my handmade goodies for themselves or for their loved ones - it really is special. From beanies to scarves, to dinosaurs and monkeys, creating through crochet is a joy.

I'm drawing and painting again :) Occasionally knitting as yet....but loving being wyldly creative :)

Buy from the crochet goodies available, request a custom order, send a gift card to a special someone, or recommend me to a friend, I just love that you took the time to stop by and check out my work.


Nic :)

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